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Atlas International Mail implements the latest international mail processing technologies to strategically dispatch mailings worldwide. We have forged strong partnerships with major international postal administrations and have fine tuned our abilities to identify and employ unique postage savings opportunities around the world. Volume consolidation discounts are passed along to our clients. Parcel distribution with delivery confirmation is now available in a growing number of countries. Minimum quantity Requirement is only 30 pieces.

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Mailing Internationally?

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International Priority Airmail (IPA) and International Surface Airlift (ISAL) are wholesale international mailing products specifically designed by the USPS for large volume international mailers. We consolidate for IPA and ISAL and pass these volume discounts along to you.

International Direct Entry (IDE) and Priority Standard International (PSI) are extensive global mailing networks. Your international mailing is dispatched through a variety of different countries’ postal systems. Delivery speed is fast and the cost is up to 50% less than USPS Airmail.

Mailings to Canada are processed in Ontario and deposited at the Canada Post Bulk mail center in Toronto for 3-8 day delivery throughout Canada.

Discount international parcel distribution with delivery confirmation is available through our E-Packet Mail System (EMS) and private hand delivery with signature is offered in many countries. Minimum is 30 parcels per shipment.