Atlas International  Mail Inc. offers discounted international mailing and global parcel solutions to over 180 countries worldwide.

During our 32 years in business, we have forged longstanding strategic partnerships with many international mailers and postal carriers across the globe to provide reliable and low-cost international mailing services for direct marketers, printers, lettershops, publishers and such non-profits as charities and universities.

Our clients pay significantly less to mail internationally.  This is because Atlas International deposits mail directly into major international postal systems.

Feel confident with Atlas International’s expert guidance on all aspects of international mailing and distribution of international parcels. We keep you informed every step of the way from design, through Customs clearance and to final delivery.

Mailing to Canada?

We pick up at your US facilities and mail directly into Canada for fast delivery throughout Canada at lower domestic Canada postage rates. Our Canada mail house in Ontario is located just a couple of miles over the US-Canada border.

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Mailing Internationally?

We offer fast, reliable international mail delivery at lower postage rates. Atlas International Mail Inc. deposits your international mailing directly into several different international postal systems that are closer to each destination country.

How We Mail Internationally


Sending International Parcels?

Take the guesswork out of sending packages to international business and consumers. Atlas International Mail Inc. verifies each international address and accurately completes and submits all the necessary Customs documentation. Parcels are dispatched internationally by air and are cleared through Customs quickly for fast International delivery.