Grow your Business in Emerging Markets

E-commerce Parcel Delivery

It’s time to increase your global sales. The four largest emerging markets, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are the fastest developing economies in the world. The burgeoning middle classes in these emerging markets make them the best for e-commerce growth. China alone, accounts for 40% of the world’s total e-commerce.  Atlas offers customized solutions to reach customers in these critical markets.

Don’t be left behind, by 2020, nearly 2 billion emerging market consumers will be spending as much as $30 trillion.  Already, more than 80% of online consumers live outside the US. The limited range of international products from eCommerce companies in emerging markets drives demand for global parcel delivery. With improved delivery routes, emerging market E-commerce parcel delivery is expanding at triple the domestic rate.  Atlas offers an assortment of cost-efficient shipping services for all your goods and parcels. Customized solutions include track & trace services, automated completion of customs export documentation,  and prepayment of duties & taxes.

International Marketing Mail

Marketing Mail has a high acceptance level and can help you get a foothold in emerging markets. Above all it catches customers attention and shows them that you are different. Even more, customers are personally addressed with a  1 to 1 marketing communication. Therefore it ensures that your company stays in their memory. It is also less costly than TV commercials, better targeted than magazine or newspaper advertising, and is an excellent complement to a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Atlas offers a variety of delivery methods to ensure your marketing campaigns are a success. We offer direct entry giving your campaign the benefit of a local or regional identity. We also provide international address correction and standardization, complete all the required customs documentation, and offer same day pickup anywhere in the US.

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