3 Ways to Save Money Mailing Your Subscription Box

Subscription Box: 3 Ways to Save Money

1) Verify Addresses & Keep them up to date

Your Subscription Box subscribers will occasionally enter an address incorrectly or move without letting you know. For new subscribers it is important to verify their address before mailing their first box. This is especially important with your international customers as address standards vary from country to country. People are moving more frequently than ever before, and it’s important to keep their addresses current if you aim to keep their business. Also, having a simple change of address form on your website can help you retain your customers wherever they roam. If you need help, Atlas provides international address correction & standardization, change of address services, database maintenance, addressing, and a full range of lettershop & fulfillment services at wholesale rates.

2) Find the right Box for your Brand

Choosing the right box for your goods is essential to your success. A visually appealing box creates a better brand perception and keeps your subscribers wanting more. To reduce costs, you’ll want to find one type of box that best fits your goods. Keeping an inventory of different sized boxes of will only increase your overhead costs. Size and weight will have an impact on your international parcel mailing costs. To qualify for the lowest wholesale rates, you’ll want to stay within the maximum requirements.

Subscription Box / Package Requirements:
• Maximum length is 24″.
• Minimum size is large enough to accommodate required elements, such as postage, address, and customs form.
• The total of length, height, and thickness cannot exceed 36″.
• Maximum weight is 4.4 lbs or 2 kg.

3) Mail at Wholesale International Parcel Rates

Other than product costs, shipping expenses are often a new company’s largest challenge. The best international parcel rates are given to companies that ship the highest volumes. As a smaller company obtaining the lowest wholesale rates on your own just isn’t possible. Outsourcing your shipping to a third party allows you to obtain theses discounts due to the large volumes of mail that they send. Also, you get the wholesale rates with  very low minimum requirements.
If you have international customers or are thinking about expanding Atlas International Mail offers wholesale rates worldwide. We can help reduce your international postage costs up to 50%.

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