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Global Direct Mail Marketing with Atlas International Mail

A successful direct mail international marketing strategy needs to fits your businesses’ database needs and comply with the addressing guidelines of the originating country and the destination countries. To help you connect effectively mailings must be sent from the most efficient origination point. The handling and processing of UAA (Undeliverable-as-Addressed) mail costs the USPS more than $1 billion annually. UAA also affects the timeliness of mail delivery. For better targeting it is necessary to use the cleanest and most up-to-date address lists possible. This also prevents duplication, saves money, and reduces waste.

Ensuring Delivery and Increasing your ROI

Our lettershop and database services optimize mailing formats. Consequently, this ensures targeted personal forms of address that get your mailing to your target group. This also minimizes undeliverable mail, and increases your ROI. We also provide international address correction and standardization, database maintenance, addressing, many other services you need for a successful global mailing campaign.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of delivery options to prepare and deliver your mailings in a timely and cost effective manner. You also get easy same day pickup and we complete all required customs documentation. There are no contracts, hidden fees or fuel surcharges. Finally, because of the current global market conditions, our already discounted international postage rates have gone down even further.

Atlas International Mail has over 25 years of experience distributing direct marketing campaigns internationally. We provide the cross-border expertise you need to ensure a successful mailing.

We are available with knowledge and advice to help you:
• Minimize your postage costs
• Reduce undeliverable mail waste
• Increase your response rates
• Maximize your return on investment

No matter where your customers are located or what language their address is written in we can find a solution that works for you. You can reach us anytime for a free no obligation quote. or 800-852-0889

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