5 Ways to Improve Global Direct Mail Campaigns

Improving Your Global Direct Mail Campaigns

Global Direct Mail is great way to reach your customers. So, here’s a few ideas that may help you with your next campaign.

#1 Merge & Purge

Duplicate names represent one of the most significant controllable costs in any direct marketing campaign, particularly for global marketing efforts. Furthermore collecting data online greatly increases duplication rates. Merge&Purge technology takes into account the many language and cultural idiosyncrasies of multinational data. Consequently, Merge&Purge services reduce mailing duplication, save printing and postage costs, and eliminate waste.

#2 NCOA Services

Each year millions of consumers and businesses change addresses. Marketers who do not keep up with these address changes end up wasting resources by sending mail that will not be delivered. For that reason, the National Change of Address (NCOA™) service keeps mailing lists up-to-date.  NCOA solution allows you to identify customers who have moved, and to update your database with the customers’ new address information. The service improves deliverability, reduces delivery time, saves mailing expenses, and increase profitability.

#3 Real Time Address Hygiene

In real-time, software analyzes and parses each address, and matches the address elements against the postal authority data for the destination country. So, if elements are missing, misspelled or incorrect, the software inserts or corrects the information, including postal codes. Once address hygiene is complete, the address is reconstructed according to the postal authority databases. Your data is clean and standardized.

#4 Geocoding

Geocoding analyzes physical address information and appends latitude and longitude (LAT/LON) identifiers, allowing you to pinpoint the precise location of your customers, prospects or assets. After cleaning and standardizing the addresses, Geocoding match rates are significantly improved. As a result, this reduces transportation and logistics costs through distribution analysis.

#5 International Postal Presorts

Escalating postage costs worldwide pose challenges for direct marketers looking to manage expenses and increase ROI.  International postal presorts help you take advantage of lower postage rates, whether mailing globally from the U.S., or using direct entry services into specific countries. This ensures lower postage costs, faster mail delivery, and improved localization of marketing pieces.

Atlas International Mail provides the services you need for a successful global mailing campaign.  We can reduce your postage costs to over 180 countries across the globe!  Contact Us

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