Do You Know the Best International Services?

Are you using the optimal service for your business?

The Best International Services save you time and money. In contrast, using the wrong service for the wrong destination could be costing you a fortune. So which service is right for you? Are you sending international letters, small packages, postcards, or something completely unique? There is a dizzying amount of services you can choose from, and the costs of sending US mail international  can vary greatly. Certainly you want to make this as simple as possible. Therefore we have composed a simplified list. Below we detail the 5 most popular International Services for mail and parcels.

#1 IPA (International Priority Airmail)

• Commercial service for volume mailings
• Accepts postcards, letters, and large envelopes, & small packets
•  3-10 day worldwide delivery as US First Class Airmail

#2 ISAL (International Surface Airlift)

• Handled as US Mail International Throughout Delivery
• Consolidated for Maximum Volume Discount
• 7-18 Day Worldwide Delivery Speed

#3 International Direct Entry

• Deposits mail directly into many international postal systems 
• Direct Entry Available in Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia & Africa
• Benefits from having a local or regional identity 

#4 Priority Standard International

• International direct mail entry through a variety of hubs
• Worldwide delivery averages 5-14 business days 
• Affordable Delivery Around the World

#5 International Parcel Services

• Low Minimum Quantity Requirement
• USPS Service & Direct Access Worldwide
• Automated Customs Export Documentation
• Includes Delivery Confirmation & Prepayment of Duties & Taxes

The Right International Services for You

So which service is right for you? Quite often, it’s beneficial to use more than one type of service. For instance: international direct mail going to Canada from the US can be trucked over the border and mailed through Canada Post much cheaper than sending it Priority Airmail. Consequently, if some of that mail is going to Europe, it makes more sense to send that portion Surface Airlift. Because in our experience, trucks don’t float.

In conclusion, there are over 190 countries in the world, and they all do things a little different. Consequently, what works in one part of the world may not work in another. Certainly, you have a lot of options.  For that reason, we offer free consultations. Contact us, and learn ho we can save you up to 50% sending US mail international.

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