Mailing to Canada is Easy and Affordable

Easy, Affordable Mailing to Canada

We make mailing to Canada easy. Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canada postage rates. Our Data Processing team performs Canadian Address Accuracy to improve deliverability, and as a result you attain all available postal presort discounts. Direct Mail to Canada is very affordable,  and   you also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation.

Are You Sending Mail to Canada? You should be

There are over 14 million targeted addresses available from Canada Post. Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post we can offer quick delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. We provide all available postal presort discounts, and complete all the required customs documentation. You get same day pickup anywhere in the US and faster delivery at a lower price.

Canadians Welcome Direct Mail

64% of Canadians prefer to receive business correspondence by mail.  Comparatively 32% of Canadians prefer email and only 4% prefer other means. 95% of Canadians usually read their mail the same day it arrives. 68% read it as soon as it’s received.   The remaining 27% review it later that day.

Increase your ROI with Postal Code Targeting

Mailing to Canada just got easier. Canada Post is now offering a new program called Postal Code Targeting. Similar to the highly successful EDDM service from USPS, it allows you send addressed mail to targeted customers within specific postal codes. This allows you to direct mail to Canada customers who are more likely to buy your products / services based on geographic, demographic, and lifestyle information. This targeted approach saves you money on mail items being sent to the wrong audience.  As a result it maximizes your Return on Investment of direct mail to Canada customers.
For questions about the new service, call us at 800-852-0889.

New Campaign Overseas?

Discover Low-Cost International Mailing Services

As a result of having a far-reaching network of worldwide mailing hubs we also offer remarkable international postage discounts to over 180 countries. Atlas International Mail arranges for many different types of service, and for this reason can create an exclusive solution for you. Atlas’ expert and low-cost services can save you up to 50%. You never sign a contract, and there’s never any hidden fees or fuel surcharges to pay.  Also, our already discounted international mailing rates continue to improve due to changing global market conditions.

Contact Us for a Free No Obligation Quote and  Save up to 50% Mailing Internationally.

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