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Save Big Sending Mail to Europe

Atlas International Mail helps you master the challenges of sending mail to Europe. We implement the latest international mail processing technologies to strategically dispatch mailings of publications, direct mail and parcels around Europe.  As a result, your mailings are delivered quickly, and the cost is significantly lower than standard USPS international rates.

Our ability to identify and employ unique international postage savings opportunities offered by major international postal administrations has made Atlas International Mail one of the world’s leading international mail service providers.

Mail to Europe 50% less than USPS International Rates

The USPS is raising rates for there services to Europe, but we already have solutions in place.  Atlas International Mail’s Priority Standard International (PSI) service provides  delivery through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs. Atlas deposits our clients’ mailings directly into many international postal systems including: BPost (Belgium), Deutsche Post (Germany), An Post (Ireland), La Poste (France), Royal Mail (UK), Sweden Post, Swiss Post, Czech Post and Magyar Post (Hungary).  The service also gives your mailing campaign the benefit of having a local or regional touch, and we are regularly adding new direct entry points.

Optimizing Mail to Europe

Our lettershop and database services optimize mailing formats. Consequently, this ensures targeted personal forms of address that get your mailing to your target group. This also minimizes undeliverable mail, and increases your ROI. We also provide international address correction and standardization, database maintenance, addressing, many other services you need for a successful mailing campaign.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of delivery options to prepare and deliver your mailings in a timely and cost effective manner. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation. There are never any hidden fees or fuel surcharges, and no contract is required. Finally, because of the current global market conditions, our already discounted international postage rates have gone down even further.

Contact Atlas International Mail today, and you can save 50% off USPS international rates sending mail to Europe.
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