INTERNATIONAL MAIL UP TO 50% OFF first class stamp rate

Reduce Your Postage Costs up to 50%

International Mail doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Atlas International Mail provides expert and low-cost international mail services for U.S. companies. We mail to Canada, Europe, Asia, Latina America, and over 180 countries across the globe. We can save international mailers up to 50% off the first class stamp rate without reducing delivery speed.

International Mail Made Easy

How do we make it easy? First of all, we never makes you sign a contract, so you will never be locked into a service you don’t want. Also, there’s never any hidden fees or fuel charges. In addition to our upfront no-nonsense pricing, we also offer same day pickup. Finally, to make things as easy as possible, we also complete all required customs documentation. Hence, we make mailing easy.

International Mail Made Affordable

How do we make it affordable? Our ability to identify and employ unique international postage savings opportunities offered by major international postal administrations has made Atlas International Mail one of the world’s leading international mail service providers. We implement the latest international mail processing technologies to strategically dispatch publications, direct mail and parcels to all points worldwide. Through our extensive worldwide mailing network we have attained bulk mail discounts. We consolidate your mail and pass the volume discounts along to you. As a result, your mail is delivered around the globe quickly and more affordably than conventional mailing methods. Hence, we make mailing easy and affordable.

The Best Low Cost Mail Services for U.S. companies

Atlas strives to deliver the best low cost mail services for U.S. companies . We have been in business since 1990 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our clients range from E-Commerce startups and non-profits to popular direct marketers and vanguards of the Fortune 500. Our happy repeat customers and growing mail volumes have allowed us to negotiate better rates with our worldwide partners. As a result, our clients’ mailing costs are actually going down!

International Mailers Save money over first class stamp rate

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