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Avoiding the Escalating Costs of International Mailing Services

Almost all international mailing services are raising their prices. Because of these escalating postage costs, companies are finding it more difficult to manage expenses and increase ROI .  Therefore more companies are using international postal presorts. The postal presorts help you take advantage of lower postage rates, whether mailing globally from the U.S., or using direct entry services into specific countries. This ensures postage savings, faster mail delivery, and improved localization.

Accurate Data Crucial for International Mailing Services

Accurate data is crucial. Many International postal systems are increasingly reliant on mail automation and address machine readability.  It is vital to have a trusted international data processing resource. Atlas International delivers key data solutions that help you deliver to your international customers using the cleanest and most up-to-date data, reducing waste, preventing undeliverable mail and saving you money. We provide international address correction & standardization, database maintenance, addressing, and more.

Preventing the Expense of Duplicate Mailings

Duplicate names represent one of the most significant controllable costs in any mailing campaign, particularly for global marketing efforts. Collecting data online greatly increases duplication rates. So what’s the solution? Merge/Purge services reduce mailing duplication, save printing and postage costs, and eliminates waste. In addition to eliminating duplicate names, merge/purge technology takes into account the many language and cultural idiosyncrasies of multinational data. As a result, you get clean, accurate, unduplicated mailing lists and substantial postage savings.

Keeping Addresses up to Date

Each year, millions of consumers and businesses change addresses. Companies who do not keep up with these address changes end up wasting resources by sending mail that will not be delivered. Yet, many companies still don’t use (NCOA™), the  National Change of Address service.  NCOA allows you to identify customers who have moved, and to update your database with the customers’ new address information. Most of all, the service improves deliverability, reduces delivery time,  and increases postage savings and profitability.

Reducing the Waste of Undeliverable Mail

The handling and processing of UAA (Undeliverable-as-Addressed) mail costs the USPS more than $1 billion annually.  Also, undeliverable mail affects the timeliness of mail delivery. Rather than wasting time and money on undeliverable mail, it’s best to clean up your data on a regular basis. For better targeting it is necessary to use the cleanest and most up-to-date address lists possible. Consequently, this prevents duplication, saves money, and reduces waste. Atlas provides international address correction and standardization, database maintenance, addressing, many postage savings services you need for a successful global mailing campaign.

Ask us about the following international data services:
• International Address Accuracy
• Country Specific Carrier Route Presort
• International Change of Address
• International Postal Code Lookup

Letter-shop and Fulfillment Services

We offer many of the Letter-shop and Fulfillment services necessary for a successful global mailing campaign and offer free personalized consulting services for every customer, ensuring fast and affordable mailings.

Because Atlas utilizes the latest technology for maximum efficiency, we can handle all aspects of mail production.

Ask us about the following letter-shop and fulfillment services:
• Precise Inkjet and Label Addressing
• Affixing Wafer Seals to Self-Mailers
• Inserting into Poly Bags or Envelopes
• International Business Reply Mail
• Labeling, Tabbing, and Folding

Real Postage Savings

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