International & Canadian Mail Service

International & Canadian Mail Service Updates

Below, we address some International & Canadian Mail service updates. The last few months saw a number of service disruptions due to inclement weather, strikes, and government interruptions. Canadian Mail service suffered from isolated slow downs due to the winter weather, but no major delays have interrupted service.

Mass Mailings Delayed

Bolivia and Guatemala’s governments have stopped all mail services except for Global Express Guaranteed. This has been an ongoing issue for Guatemala for more than a year, and there are no signs of progress. At this time, we do not recommend sending mail to either country unless absolutely necessary. Severe snow storms caused delays across Europe.  Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, France, and Great Britain all reported delays in February and March due to weather. Cyclone Gita was responsible for some delays in Tonga, Australia, and New Zealand. Mexico, Cyprus, and Greece experienced some small delays due to system and procedure changes. Meanwhile, Brazil, Chad, and El Salvador have had problems with striking postal workers, and only El Salvador is reporting services have returned to normal. Atlas International Mail updates our website when delays are reported, and we strive to keep customers informed and find faster, less expensive delivery alternatives.

USPS Service Alerts for International Mailers

Below we have listed the USPS service alerts for all affected destinations. These alerts appear at the bottom of our home page, and they can also be found on USPS.  Canadian Mail Service delayed several times throughout the winter, but it’s rarely reported because harsh weather is a common occurrence. Generally, Canadian Mail does not suffer long delays as they are well prepared for winter.  Service to Syria and parts of the Ukraine are suspended, and they have been for several years. Atlas International Mail offers service to over 180 countries around the world, and we are always looking for newer, faster , and more affordable services.


The Australia Post reports that severe weather in parts of Queensland Australia is impacting the collection and delivery of all mail products for postcodes 4737-4895. (posted 3/8/18)


Most mail service to Bolivia has temporarily stopped by the Bolivian government. Only Global Express Guaranteed service is still available. This affects Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International (already unavailable to Bolivia), First-Class Mail International, First-Class Package International Service, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift and M-Bag items. (posted 3/7/18)


Chad’s post advises it has been unable to deliver or dispatch items since Feb. 1 because of a strike. (posted 2/9/18)


Cyprus Post advises an upgrade of its IT infrastructure will impact operations Feb. 9-11, including inbound and outbound mail and electronic data interchange. (posted 2/9/18)


Denmark’s post advises that due to bad weather, the southern part of the country will have delays in delivery and collection of mail this week. This affects postal codes 3700-3799 and 4600-4899. (posted 3/1/18)

El Salvador

The El Salvador post, Correos de El Salvador, reports the strike is now over and all postal services have returned to normal. (posted 2/26/18)


France’s post advises mail operations — including transportation, collection and delivery — are disrupted because of bad weather including heavy snow.  Expect delays in the movement of mail and packages. (posted 3/1/18)

Great Britain

Royal Mail advises transportation disruptions due to heavy snowfall have ended and all postal services resumed on March 8. (posted 3/14/18)


Greece’s post advises processing of express mail and packages has returned to normal following implementation of new customs procedures. There also are improvements in handling of letter post, with a one-week backlog for inbound mail from non-European Union countries subject to customs control. (posted 1/29/18)


Most mail to Guatemala is suspended. Until further notice, only Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service will still be available. The suspension affects Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, First-Class Package International Service, International Priority Airmail, International Surface Air Lift and M-Bag items.

The Postal Service will return to sender already deposited items other than GXG addressed to Guatemala. For any returned item bearing a customs form, as well as any item shipped with Priority Mail Express International service, the Postal Service will, upon request, refund postage and fees on mail returned due to the suspension of service.

For all other returned items not bearing a customs declarations form, the Postal Service will, upon request, refund postage and fees on mail returned due to the suspension of service, or the sender may remail them with the existing postage once service to Guatemala has been restored. When remailing under this option, customers must cross out the markings “Mail Service Suspended — Return to Sender.”

(Originally posted 4/11/17. This service suspension currently remains in effect.) 3/2018


Ireland is experiencing a severe weather event, with snow storms causing major disruptions. The Irish postal service, An Post reports the Irish Meteorological Service has issued a National Red Alert Warning for most of the country, the result of the worst weather in Ireland since 1982. An Post says there are significant delays in processing and delivery of both inbound and outbound mail, and the weather situation is expected to get worse over the next 2-4 days. An Post says it will be doing everything possible to limit the disruption of service. (posted 3/2/18)


Italy’s post advises operations are back to normal following severe winter weather that had affected transportation, processing and delivery of mail since Feb. 26. (posted 3/6/18)


Mexico’s post advises it will begin a data center migration on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. local time. This will affect dispatches of inbound and outbound mail. (posted 2/15/18)

New Zealand

New Zealand Post reports that mail service on the lower North Island and upper South Island has resumed in the aftermath of Cyclone Gita. In the Tasman District of the South Island, damage to roads and structures has caused some mail delays. (posted 2/26/18)


Spain’s post advised that due to bad weather and snowstorms, the northern part of Spain is facing transportation problems and outbound mail is severely affected. (posted 3/1/18)


PostNord Sweden reports bad weather conditions have affected on-time delivery of the mail. Snow and heavy winds off the east coast have delayed distribution of letters and parcels in these Zip Code areas:  20-24, 26, 28-29 and 36-39. (posted 3/5/18)


Tonga Post advisesd damage to postal facilities from Cyclone Gita affected operations, and delays expected in the processing and delivery of mail. (posted 2/16/18)

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