International Mail Consolidators

International Mail Consolidators Discount U.S. Postage Rates

Above all Mail Consolidators save customers money over first class postage rates from the post office. The largest volume discounts are achieved by bundling multiple mailings together. As a result American small businesses are benefiting by using a third party service to consolidate their mailings with other companies to attain the most favorable international postage rates. Mail is strategically entered  into foreign postal systems where volume discount agreements are offered by a variety of international post offices.

International Postal Rates are Very High for Small Businesses

Escalating international postal rates pose challenges for companies looking to manage expenses. Mail consolidators are able to take advantage of international postal presorts, and customers save up to 50% to over countries. Services vary from first class postage rates to e-Packet delivery to direct entry services into specific 180 countries. Consequently choosing the right service ensures lower postage costs, faster mail delivery, and improved localization.

Mail Consolidators Reduce Costs for E-commerce Companies

E-commerce businesses face the constant challenge of keeping delivery costs low. There is an abundance of different services, delivery methods, insurance options, and track & trace services to choose from, and figuring out the prepayment of duties & taxes is complicated. Using a third party mail consolidator certainly makes this simple and affordable. Consolidators offer International Parcel Services featuring the utilization of USPS services, direct access worldwide, and automated completion of customs export documentation. The time and money saved is tremendous, especially to Canada.

USPS First Class Postage Rates to Canada

Sending mail to Canada shouldn’t cost a fortune. So we consolidate mail and enter it into to the Canada Post at significant savings over US postage rates. Mail travels across the Canadian border and enters the Canada Post at the lowest possible rate. U.S. companies also benefit from a favorable exchange rate making international mail consolidators the best way to save when mailing Canada.

Consolidating with Atlas International Mail

Atlas is a leader in global mailing services. We’ve helped hundreds of companies save on rising international postage rates, and we can certainly consolidate your mail for maximum volume discounts. Even more we provide easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation.  Best of all, we can do this for up to 50% less than the post office.

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