Rotating Strikes Causing Canada Post Delays

Rotating Strikes Causing Canada Post Delays

Rotating strikes causing Canada Post delays may continue into 2019. Canada Post has advised customers to expect delivery delays for the foreseeable future. Because of the ongoing rotating strikes delivery standards will suffer. There are already massive backlogs of mail and parcels, and much more is expected with millions more parcels from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Canada Post expects the worst delays will be in southern & southwestern Ontario. Likewise delays are expected to continue for the next several weeks, including the holiday season and possibly into next year.

Rotating Strikes continue for 5th Week

The rotating strikes have been going for more than a month and have impacted nearly every Canadian address. The CUPW (Canada Union of Postal Workers) and Canada Post have been at odds over pay and working conditions for a very long time. The CUPW rejected an offer of a $1,000.00 bonus per employee to stop the rotating strikes until February. The union rejected mediation and has encouraged employees not to work overtime. The Retail Council of Canada has requested the Canadian government to end the rotating strikes. The busiest time of year for the postal service is just days away, and the two sides seem no closer to an agreement than they were in October.

The CUPW Wants Wage & Benefit Improvements

The CUPW is requesting a 2.9% annual wage increase, improvements to short-term disability and injury pay, wage advancements for temporary /  seasonal employees, and double-time pay for working a sixth or seventh day in a row. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a last-minute plea to the CUPW and Canada Post to reach an agreement, just hours before Canada Post’s latest offer expired.

Atlas International Mail is Following Updates Closely

If you are sending mail to Canada, we strongly recommenced you do it sooner than later. The rotating strikes have created backlogs, and delays may get worse. If you have questions or concerns, contact us at 800-852-0889 or

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