USPS Rate Increase for 2019

Another USPS Rate Increase for 2019

As expected, there will be another USPS Rate Increase for 2019. Unfortunately, retail international mail rates are increasing by almost 4% in 2019. This is the 4th increase in the last 2 years. Fortunately, reliable, lower cost mailing alternatives are already in place. Atlas International Mail has mailing alternatives in place to save our customers money and bypass the USPS altogether.

The Alternative: Bypass the USPS

Atlas International Mail already has solutions in place. You can bypass the USPS with our affordable mailing alternatives. Our network of international mailing hubs enables us to directly enter your mailing in to the postal systems of foreign countries. We take advantage of unique postage savings opportunities offered by each postal administration and strategically dispatch your international mailing quickly at a significantly lower cost than IPA and ISAL. Delivery is comparable to ISAL and IPA, averaging 5-14 business days, worldwide; and the cost is substantially less expensive than USPS IPA and ISAL rates. As a result, you avoid the USPS rate increase for 2019 and get a reliable and affordable replacement service.

Alternative 1: Priority Standard International

Atlas International Mail’s Priority Standard International (PSI) service provides worldwide delivery through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs. Atlas deposits our clients’ mailings directly into many international postal systems including: Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Hungary. The service also gives your mailing campaign the benefit of having a local or regional touch, and we are regularly adding new direct entry points.

Alternative 2: Priority Lettermail International

Another of our alternative mailing services uses a combination of first class mail and priority standard mail. The mail is sent through a variety of different postal systems across the globe, and it is especially effective in Europe and Asia. As a result, delivery speed is 7 to 14 days worldwide. The service is similar to the USPS’s IPA and ISAL services.  The postage rates however; are substantially less than the USPS rate increase for 2019 .

Direct Entry Mailing Alternatives

Atlas International takes advantage of the strong US Dollar and utilizes a network of International directly points to mail worldwide at much lower postage than traditional USPS service rates. Our direct entry network deposits mail directly into many international postal systems, and we offer free personalized consulting services for every customer, ensuring fast and affordable mailings. There are never any contracts to sign, hidden fees, or fuel charges. Avoid the extra costs from the USPS Rate Increase for 2019. Contact us for a free mailing consultation or call 800-852-0889.

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