Neighbourhood Mail Every Door Direct Mail in Canada

Neighbourhood Mail Every Door Direct Mail in Canada

Neighbourhood Mail is Canada’s version of the USPS services Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) but more affordable than international USPS services. Similar to EDDM, this unaddressed admail product is a Canada saturation mail service that provides unsurpassed coverage to urban and rural markets. Even more Canada’s Neighbourhood Mail reaches almost 16 million targeted addresses available from Canada Post. Delivery speed is between 5-12 business days and selected by mail carrier route.

Neighbourhood Mail is Unaddressed Admail & Canada Saturation Mail

Canada Post’s database provides geographic, demographic, and lifestyle data to target mailings of neighbourhoods that have the highest potential audience. Neighbourhood Mail, formerly Unaddressed Admail, uses Canada Post’s database to ensure effective Canada saturation mail service results. Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post at low Canada postage costs. As a result, this targeted approach saves you money versus international USPS rates and maximizes your return on Investment.

So What Qualifies as Neighbourhood Mail?

To qualify for the service your mailing must consist of unaddressed admail without a specific destination. The mailing must mail in Canada and meet the minimum 200 piece volume requirement. Volume also requires mailings to a complete distribution of one route; or the complete distribution to only houses, apartments, farms, businesses, or any combination, on a given route. Some examples of Neighbourhood Mail include:

• brochures • community newspapers • flyers • product samples • postcards
• inserts and enclosures • single sheets • catalogues • coupons • magazines
• CDs and DVDs • envelopes • newspapers • promotional materials

Sending Canada Saturation Mail with Atlas

Above all we make mailing to Canada easy and affordable.  Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post from a full service Canadian mail facility located in Ontario, Canada. As a result we can offer quick delivery for up to 50% less than international USPS rates. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete all required customs documentation. Also thanks to a strong US dollar, rates to Canada continue to improve. Finally, Atlas never make you sign contracts, charges hidden fees,  or fuel surcharges.  So Contact Us today and drastically reduce your Canada mailing costs.

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