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Canada Mailing, Expand Your Business Internationally

Canada’s e-Commerce market is growing, and with affordable International Delivery to Canada now is the time to expand your US business internationally. Best of all, mail service to Canada is easy and affordable.

Canada is our 2nd largest trading partner after China, but Canada purchases almost twice the amount (320 billion) of American goods that China does. Also, the US is Canada’s largest trading partner importing over 300 billion dollars a year. Our two countries rely heavily on each other making Canada the best place to expand your US business internationally.

10 Facts to Inspire You to Market to Canada with Direct Mail

  1.  U.S founding father Benjamin Franklin opened the first Canadian post office. Really!
  2. In the sales process print makes the biggest impact, this is especially true in Canada. About 90% of Canadians interact with mail that has their name on it.
  3. Using direct mail service engages users for 40% more time than any other media. Information embeds more deeply in the brain, is more easily recalled, and is recalled in more detail when it’s communicated through print rather than digital channels.
  4.  64% of Canadians prefer to receive business correspondence by mail compared to 32% by email and 4% by other means.
  5. 87% of Canada’s cross-border online shoppers purchased from American merchants in the last year. In 2018 Canadians spent $40 billion in online purchases.
  6. 16-18% of Canadians move each year and the Canada Postal service tracks this to keep databases up to date.
  7. Entering mail directly into Canada Post’s BMC in Ontario provides faster delivery at less expensive Canada Postal service rates.
  8. Postal Code Targeting provides Canadian mailers the ability to target a specific geographic or demographic element at the Postal Code level.
  9. There are over 14 million targeted addresses available from Canada Post.
  10. Atlas can save you up to 50% on International Delivery to Canada *

Why Mail with Atlas’ Canada Postal Service?

Because Atlas International Mail provides direct entry into Canada Post, we can offer faster delivery at less expensive Canadian postage rates. You also get easy same day pickup, and we complete your customs documentation. Atlas offers many different services, and for this reason can create an exclusive solution for you. Also, our already discounted international mail service continue to improve due to changing global market conditions. Finally, Atlas never make you sign contracts, charges hidden fees, or adds fuel surcharges.

Expand your US business internationally with International Delivery to Canada.

Contact us for a free mail service consultation and pricing quote or 800-852-0889.

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