Covid-19 and the Disruption of International Mail

International mailings to and from China have been severely impacted by the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) worldwide. China Post was instructed by their government to disinfect all mail transferred through the Wuhan processing center.  International mail from many countries has been delayed because airlines and carriers have restricted international flights.  France discontinued most mail to China mid-February stating that any outbound flights should be used for medical purposes.

Australia warned that even though they continue to accept mail to China, there are likely to be severe delays.  The USPS issued the same warning, temporarily suspending its Priority Service guarantee to China.  Italy imposed its own suspension within the country due to a large outbreak of the virus.

Effects of disinfecting mail and transport vehicles will persist for quite a while as the spread of the virus continues worldwide.  At Atlas International Mail, we are monitoring the situation closely to keep our international mail customers informed.  Any questions, please visit us at or call 800-852-0889.

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