On Strike: Correios, The Brazil Postal Service

Correios, the Brazilian Postal Service, has gone on strike today, 08/18/20.  This is not a total work stoppage and Correios has activated a Business Continuity Plan with the objective of minimizing impacts on customers.  We will continue to ship to Brazil. Please expect delays due to the strike. Please keep us in mind whenever you have a need to mail internationally. Atlas international Mail inc. are the international mailing experts.

This strike began due to Correios proposing adjustments to the Collective Labor Agreement to employees.  According to Correios, some cities in the state of Sao Paulo and the states listed below will be affected:

  • AM – Amazonas
  • BA – Bahia
  • DF – Distrito Federal 
  • ES – Espirito Santo
  • MG – Minas Gerais
  • PR – Parana
  • PI – Piaui
  • RJ – Rio de Janeiro 

Correios has not provided any indication of when they expect the strike to end. 

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