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Postal Remuneration Boring but Important

boring eCommerce Global Economy Subsidizing Chinese developing country Postal Remuneration UPU Postal Remuneration

UPU Postal Remuneration is Boring but Important Another meeting of the UPU on postal remuneration of terminal dues occurred April 9th. Most likely, you didn’t hear about it. Often times the UPU is not that interesting, but whats happening now could change eCommerce and the global economy

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Leaving the UPU Universal Postal Union

Leaving the UPU trade war with China Damage the USPS Postal Agreements

The USA is Leaving the UPU (Universal Postal Union) The White House announced it is leaving a 144 year old global postal agreement due to the current trade war with China. China benefits from significantly lower postage costs thanks to a decades old agreement to help poor

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Grow your Business in Emerging Markets

marketing mail e-commerce parcel delivery e-commerce eCommerce emerging markets Brazil Rusia India China and countries with a growing middle class advertising and marketing mail sent directly to consumers around the globe direct mail Mail to China reach potenetial customers in Asia parcel delivery mail small packages ePackets e-packages
E-commerce Parcel Delivery It’s time to increase your global sales. The four largest emerging markets, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are the fastest developing economies in the world. The burgeoning middle classes in these emerging markets make them the best for e-commerce growth. ChinaContinue Reading

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