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USPS Rate Increase for 2019

mailing alternatives USPS Rate Increase for 2019 rate increase for 2019 usps rate usps rate increase international mail rates 2019

Another USPS Rate Increase for 2019 As expected, there will be another USPS Rate Increase for 2019. Unfortunately, retail international mail rates are increasing by almost 4% in 2019. This is the 4th increase in the last 2 years. Fortunately, reliable, lower cost mailing alternatives are already

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Extraordinary Postal Congress

Extraordinary Postal Congress UPU Terminal Dues Fair Trade China

UPU Extraordinary Postal Congress The Universal Postal Union is holding an Extraordinary Postal Congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this week. This may have a drastic impact on international eCommerce. The UPU coordinate rates and standards between every national postal system, and has been a vital to international

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International Mail Consolidators

first class postage rates U.S. Postage Rates international mail consolidators postal rates mail consolidators
International Mail Consolidators Discount U.S. Postage Rates Above all Mail Consolidators save customers money over first class postage rates from the post office. The largest volume discounts are achieved by bundling multiple mailings together. As a result American small businesses are benefiting by using a third partyContinue Reading

USPS Raised Prices Again

USPS Raised Prices Atlas International Mail Reviews International Postage Rates USPS Prices First-Class Mail International

USPS Raised Prices Again in January The USPS raised prices again, but Atlas International Mail has alternatives in place to save our customers money and bypass the USPS altogether. Additionally, the USPS will no longer send First-Class Mail International Service for Flats containing merchandise, but again Atlas

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First Class International Mail Changes


First Class International Mail The United States Postal Service is planning to change First Class International Mail features and classifications in 2018.  Above all the changes would implement a restriction on the contents of First Class International Mail to documents only.  This is in an effort to

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Royal Mail Strike & Canada Post Changes

Royal Mail mail services to Canada Mailing Canada Canada Post 2018 Mailing Improvements Mail to England

Royal Mail Strike Royal Mail workers voted in favor of a national strike October 3rd. It is the first proposed industrial action since its privatization in 2013. The proposed strike could affect the fast approaching holiday delivery season.  Legal action halted the first planned 48-hour strike from the

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International Mail Distribution Alerts

International Mail Distribution International delivery mail service hurricane postal strike

International Mail Distribution September Alerts for international mail distribution increased dramatically in September. International delivery interruptions affected mail services around the world.  Most noteworthy, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean suspending mail service completely in some regions.  Also, the earthquake that struck Mexico on Sept.

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International Mailing Services

postage savings International Postal Code Fulfillment Services Undeliverable Mail database maintainence International Change of Address International Postal Code Lookup international postage Atlas International Mail International mailing services

Avoiding the Escalating Costs of International Mailing Services Almost all international mailing services are raising their prices. Because of these escalating postage costs, companies are finding it more difficult to manage expenses and increase ROI .  Therefore more companies are using international postal presorts. The postal presorts help you take advantage of

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INTERNATIONAL MAIL UP TO 50% OFF first class stamp rate

International Mailers mail services for U.S. companies low-cost international mail service affordable international mail first class stamp rate cost of a stamp first class stamp price cost of a 1st clas stamp cost of us postage stamp the price of a stamp current us postage rates costs of stamps and postage first class stamp rate first claas stamp price International Mail

Reduce Your Postage Costs up to 50% International Mail doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Atlas International Mail provides expert and low-cost international mail services for U.S. companies. We mail to Canada, Europe, Asia, Latina America, and over 180 countries across the globe. We can save international

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USPS Rate Increase Takes Effect August 20th

USPS Rate Increase

USPS Rate Increases Reminder: USPS Rate Increase takes effect August 20, 2017. The impact is most significant on IPA and ISAL, the USPS’ wholesale international mail services. The cost of sending letters via of IPA and ISAL and flats via ISAL are increasing substantially.These new increases are in

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