Dependable International Mail Services

Our business clients pay less to mail internationally. They also have piece of mind knowing their international mailings are being delivered through an integrated international mailing network consisting of the world’s largest and most cost efficient postal systems.

Atlas international Mail Inc. analyzes the unique aspects of each international mailing.  Your international mail is specially routed based on many different specifications to attain the best costs and delivery outcomes.  Below are some international mailing options.

Priority Further International

Discount Foreign Airmail
International Priority Airmail

International Mail Service Priority

For business mailers who send international correspondences like invoices and account statements to foreign customers. The average worldwide delivery speed is faster than our international standard mail service and is perfect for international promotional mailings that are time-sensitive or have a response deadline.

Priority Further International is an expedited international mailing service utilizing International First Class and International Priority Mail services and many different international direct entry points.   Especially effective for mailings to Europe and Asia.  Average worldwide delivery speed is 7-20 business days.

International Publications Mail

Mail Periodicals Internationally

Our publisher clients send trade publications and specialized consumer magazines to international subscribers at discounted rates.  Many universities and non-profits use Atlas International Mail for fast and economical international distribution of publications to respective international alumni and organization members who reside around the globe.

International Publications Mail consists of time sensitive materials. Specialty magazines, trade publications, medical & scientific journals, newsletters and newspapers all must be delivered internationally in a timely fashion.  Distribution plans are devised when each international mail job goes live. Each international mailing is handled purposefully, immediately upon arrival for quick international mail delivery.

International Publications Mail

Priority Standard International

International Advertising Mail
International Mailers

International direct marketers can save a bundle on international postage when mailing catalogs, brochures, postcards and international sales letters.

Priority Standard International Mail is an economical international mail service offering a worldwide delivery speed that averages 7-28 business days.

Priority Standard international Mail is delivered internationally by utilizing multiple international mail entry points.

Priority Standard International mail

Your standard international mail is posted in different foreign countries to achieve the desired combination of international postage savings and timely international mail delivery.

International Data Processing

Secure Data Handling Worldwide

International addresses are formatted differently than US addresses.  It is common for international address data to be incomplete, missing crucial elements such as a postal code and province.  To increase the overall deliverability of your international mailing, Atlas International Mail, Inc. can perform international address correction and verification.  Our turnaround time for international data processing is usually 1 day.  International address data can be securely transferred via encrypted email, private FTP or secure cloud.

We are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process. We have a robust and effective data protection program in place which complies with existing law and abides by the data protection principles of the GDPR, the UK Data Protection Bill, Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the US Privacy Act.

Full Service International Lettershop

Expert Foreign Mail Prep

Atlas international Mail Inc. provides a wide range of  international lettershop services you might need for an international mailing.  Here are examples of international mail house services.

  • Formatting International Addresses
  • Addressing International Mail Pieces
  • Inserting into Polybags or Envelopes
  • Wafer Seal International Self-Mailers
  • Applying International Postal Indicia

We offer other many other  international mailing lettershop services. Contact us today and let us know about your international mailing needs.