International Mailing Services

Atlas International Mail strategically enters mail into postal systems of other countries.  We take advantage of the unique postage savings offered by each foreign post office.  As a result, our clients are enjoying drastically reduced international postage costs; usually less than half of what the USPS charges.  For a comparative price quote with our best international mailing rates, Please let us know the size and weight of the mail pieces and provide a breakdown of quantities per country.  Please keep us in mind whenever you have a need.  Minimum quantity requirements are particularly low, delivery speeds are comparably fast and postage savings are substantially large.

PLI--Priority Lettermail International

  • Combination of First Class and Priority Standard
  • Mail sent through Multiple Postal Systems
  • 7-14 Day Worldwide Delivery Speed
  • Especially effective to Europe and Asia

International Direct Entry

  • Establish a Local or Regional Identity
  • Canada, Europe & Worldwide
  • New Hubs Added Regularly
  • Low Per Country Minimums

PSI--Priority Standard International

  • Wholesale International Standard Mail
  • Mail Dispatched Worldwide
  • Multiple International Entry Points
  • Fast & Economical International Mail

International Priority Airmail

  • IPA Handled as First Class USPS Airmail
  • Wholesale Volume Discount Rates
  • Free Pickup available
  • Worldwide Delivery in 3-10 days

International Parcel Services

  • Minimum Quantity is 30 Pieces
  • USPS E-Packet, PMI & Worldwide Courier
  • Automated Customs Documentation
  • Includes Delivery Confirmation

ISAL--International Surface Air Lift

  • Handled as US Mail Throughout
  • Consolidation Volume Discounts
  • 7-18 Day Delivery Speed delivery Speed
  • Low Minimum Quantity Requirements

Atlas Optimizes International Mail Service

Atlas International Mail Inc. has longstanding discount agreements with major international postal systems. We are continually adding key international mailing partners, especially in emerging markets. We can find the best international mail service for your business.  Thanks to a stronger US Dollar, international mailing costs are actually going down.  Contact us today for a price quote.    

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