International Data Processing

Above all, accurate data is crucial. Likewise, international postal systems are increasingly reliant on mail automation and address machine readability.  Therefore, it is vital to have a trusted international data processing & fulfillment services.

For that reason, Atlas International delivers key data solutions that help you deliver to your international customers using the cleanest and most up-to-date data, reducing waste, and saving you money. For example, we provide international address correction, standardization, database maintenance, and addressing. Ask us about the following international data services:

  • International Address Accuracy
  • Country Specific Carrier Route Presort
  • International Change of Address
  • International Postal Code Lookup

Letter-shop & Fulfillment Services

We offer many of the Letter-shop & Fulfillment services necessary for a successful global mailing campaign.  Even more, Atlas provides free personalized consulting services for every customer, ensuring fast and affordable mailings. Utilizing the latest technology for maximum efficiency, Atlas can handle all aspects of mail production including:

  • Precise Inkjet and Label Addressing
  • Affixing Wafer Seals to Self-Mailers
  • Inserting into Envelopes or Polybagging *
  • International Business Reply Mail *
  • Labeling, Tabbing, and Folding

Atlas International Mail arranges for many different types of service, and for this reason can create an exclusive solution for you. Speak with a mailing expert 800-852-0889.

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international address correction


* Polybagging

Polybagging uses clear plastic or polyethylene bags to package Catalogs, Brochures, Magazines, Periodicals, Booklets, Pamphlets, and or any number of items together. Also polybags don’t have size limitations like envelopes, and they can be wrapped around mailers of almost any size. Lastly, polybagging protects printed materials from damage and they are a great marketing tool.

* International Business Reply Mail

International Business Reply Mail allows envelopes and cards to be distributed to and deposited in certain foreign countries for return to the addressee in the United States without prepayment of postage. Postage and service fees are collected from the U.S. addressee at delivery.