Atlas International Mail

Direct Entry

Could your international mailing campaign benefit from having a local or regional flair? Want to save up to 50% off the average international postage rate? If so, mailing directly into your target countries may be the best solution. For that reason, Atlas International’s International Direct Entry network deposits mail directly into many international postal systems including:

  • Belgium Post
  • Deutsche Post (Germany)
  • An Post (Ireland)
  • La Poste (France)
  • Royal Mail (UK)
  • Sweden Post
  • Swiss Post
  • Canada Post
  • Malaysia Post
  • Singapore Post
  • Mexico Post
  • Brazil Post

Worldwide Delivery with Priority Standard International Mail

Atlas International Mail’s Priority Standard International (PSI) service provides worldwide delivery through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs. In Short, our network of international mailing hubs enables us to directly enter your mail into the postal systems of foreign countries. We take advantage of unique postage savings opportunities offered by each postal administration and strategically dispatch your international mailing quickly at a significantly lower cost. The service also gives your mailing campaign the benefit of having a local or regional touch, and we are regularly adding new direct entry points.  Above all, the service is often much more cost effective than other international services. Minimum quantity requirements are particularly low, delivery speeds are comparably fast and postage savings are substantially large. Worldwide delivery averages 5-14 business days through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs. Minimum per country requirements are surprisingly low.

Also, we are adding new countries regularly. So Contact us if you don’t see your country of interest listed. Minimum per country requirements are surprisingly low.

Delivering Your Mailing Campaign at the Lowest International Postage Rates

Atlas International Mail helps you master the challenges of delivering your mailing campaign at the lowest international postage rate. We implement the latest international mail processing technologies to strategically dispatch mailings of publications, direct mail and parcels around the world. Also, complimentary personalized consulting services for every customer ensures fast and affordable mailing campaigns. Utilizing the latest technology for maximum efficiency, Atlas can handle all aspects of mail production. As a result, your international direct entry mailings are delivered quickly, and the cost is significantly lower than conventional mailing methods.

Above all, Atlas strives to deliver the best services and the lowest prices. We have been in business since 1990 and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As a result of having a far-reaching network of worldwide mailing hubs we also offer remarkable international postage rate discounts to over 180 countries. Best of all, we can do this for up to 50% less than the post office.

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