Worldwide Delivery with Priority Standard International Mail

Atlas International Mail’s Priority Standard International (PSI) service provides worldwide delivery through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs. In Short, our network of international mailing hubs enables us to directly enter your mail into the postal systems of foreign countries. We take advantage of unique postage savings opportunities offered by each postal administration and strategically dispatch your international mailing quickly at a significantly lower cost. The service also gives your mailing campaign the benefit of having a local or regional touch, and we are regularly adding new direct entry points.  Above all, the service is often much more cost effective than other international services. Minimum quantity requirements are particularly low, delivery speeds are comparably fast and postage savings are substantially large. Worldwide delivery averages 5-14 business days through a variety of International direct mail entry hubs such as those listed below.

  • Canada Post
  • UK’s Royal Mail
  • Czech Post
  • France’s La Poste
  • Ireland’s AnPost
  • Netherlands’ Post NL
  • Belgium’s Bpost
  • Swiss Post
  • Sweden Post
  • Deutsche Post
  • Hungary Post
  • Singapore Post
  • Malaysia Post
  • Australia Post
  • Corrieos Brazil
  • Correos de Mexico

Also, thanks to a strong US Dollar, international direct mail costs are actually going down. Certainly, now is the time to take advantage of this very favorable upturn.

Finally, worldwide delivery with Priority Standard International is expanding rapidly and new entry points are becoming available. So, Contact Us today and start saving with our Priority Standard International services.

Simplifying Customs for International Direct Mail Entry

Atlas makes customs a breeze. First, we offer same-day pick up anywhere in the US.  Second, we complete all the required customs documentation. Therefore, you never have to worry about filling out Customs and Border Protection forms. This is especially helpful when you are sending mail to more than one country because each country has specific customs requirements, conditions, prohibitions, along with size, weight and value restrictions. Finally, Atlas provides international address correction & standardization, and addressing. As a result, your mail clears customs as quickly as possible.

International Mailing Services

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