Atlas International Mail

International Service Alerts

Peru Post advises that freight carriers began a national strike on April 4 and the government declared a state of social immobilization on April 5, which
will result in delays in processing of mail items.

China Post advises that to prevent further transmission of COVID-19 the processing of inbound mail is temporarily affected at Shanghai, Changchun and
Yanji mail processing centers until further notice. Inbound mail received by these offices of exchange cannot be processed or transported to sorting
centers/delivery offices. This delays processing, transiting and delivery of inbound mail, as well as updating of electronic messages and responses to
online customer inquiries.

Thailand Post advises that the government has extended by two months a nationwide state of emergency because of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective
through May 31. This may have impacts on mail processing for international inbound and outbound items and on agreed service delivery standards. The
post is therefore unable to guarantee compliance with agreed standards.

Temporary Service Disruption
The Postal Service™ has temporarily suspended international mail acceptance to Russia due to unavailable transportation as a result of widespread
cancellations and restrictions into the area.

Ukraine Post advises that some post offices across various regions will continue to be open on a limited basis so customers can receive mail and parcels.
The post also advises countries to send their international postal items to Ukraine via Poland, Slovakia or Latvia. The post will be collecting the
consignments from those countries.

Australia Post advises that there are disruptions to its daily operations, in particular in the states of Queensland and New South Wales, because of severe
storms, heavy rain and flooding across the country. Processing and delivery of inbound and outbound mail items are affected. As a result of road closures
and access issues, implementation of safety measures and closure of several post offices, delivery to certain postcodes is limited in flood-affected areas.
The list of affected postcodes areas is updated daily and is available on Australia Post’s website at -updates/domestic-serviceupdates/

Moldova Post advises that Moldovan airspace is temporarily restricted for civilian air transportation because of the situation in Ukraine. The post is
working with its postal partners on alternative surface transportation routes. It is continuing to receive, process and deliver inbound and outbound postal
items, and all post offices are fully operational.