Canada Customs mail Services

Expert Canada Mailing Services

Atlas International Mail Inc. provides direct entry of your Canada mailing directly into the Canadian postal system. To put it simply, we offer faster Canada mail delivery at lower postage rates.  Atlas International completes and submits all the required paperwork for quick and hassle free customs clearance. We handle the transport of your mailing into Canada. Your Canada mailing is prepared at our Canada mail house in Fort Erie, Ontario and deposited directly into the Canada mail stream in nearby Toronto, Ontario for 1-8 day delivery throughout Canada.

Canada Mailing Service Options

Canada Lettermail

Canada First Class
Canada Mailing Services

Lettermail is First Class mail in Canada. Mail to Canada containing financial information, such as corporate reports, account statements or invoices must be sent via Lettermail.

Canada Incentive Lettermail volume discounts are available for first class mailings containing 1,000 or more pieces. Mail must be prepared according to specific requirements.

Canada Lettermail

Canada Lettermail delivery speed is 1-6 days, nationwide.

Personalized Mail

Canada Admail
Canada Mailing Services

Canada Personalized Mail is a low cost option for mailing catalogs, postcards, brochures or any other kinds of direct mail to Canada. Personalized Mail is Canada standard mail, used to to promote products, services or events, to solicit contributions or to support a loyalty program.

Personalized & Publication Mail

Canada Machinable Mail rates are even lower and there is no presort required.  We can help you to easily qualify for the lowest postal rates in Canada.

Neighbourhood Mail

Canada Saturation Mail
Canada Mailing Services

Canadian Neighbourhood Mail provides geographic, demographic and lifestyle info so you can send targeted, unaddressed mailings to neighborhoods that have the highest potential audience.  The cost is quite less than conventional addressed advertising mail.

Postal Code Targeting Mail consists of addresses only without names and allows you to narrow down to particular streets. Minimum is only 100 pieces.

Publications Mail

Canada Periodicals
Canada Mailing Services

Canada Publications Mail is a reliable and low-cost option for mailing non-promotional items such as Magazines, Journals & Newsletters containing news or information.  Minimum Canada Publications Mail quantity requirement is only 150 pieces.

Certain editorial and ad content criteria must be met. Contact us to see if your publication qualifies for Canada Publications Mail

Expedited Parcel

Parcels to Canada
Canada Mailing Services

Canada Expedited Parcel provides fast delivery of commercial packages throughout Canada with tracking and delivery confirmation. National delivery speed for Canada Parcels s 1-9 days.

Canada parcel shipments are usually cleared through customs within 1 day. There are never any out-of-pocket expenses for any Canada Parcel recipient.  The per shipment minimum for Canada Expedited Parcel is only 30 Canada parcels.

Canada Expedited Parcel